Fresh Start With BankruptcyThe Internet is a great place to research your different debt relief options that are available to you. The Internet is also filled with a lot of wrong and/or misleading information. I encourage all of my clients to fully explore all potential debt relief options and that includes potentially filing for bankruptcy.

Most of what you have likely heard about bankruptcy is probably wrong. Every situation is different, but a bankruptcy filing could likely be the fastest and least expensive option for you to gain a fresh financial start.

Fill out the short form on the right hand column to request a free consultation with me. I will review your situation in detail, tell you whether or not a bankruptcy would be a good option, and if so, specifically explain what a bankruptcy filing would look like for you. Scheduling a consultation with me does not mean you are committing to file bankruptcy. It simply means that you would like to make sure you fully understand the option so that you can make an educated and information decision.